A few weeks ago, a friend and I met up for her maternity session!  I had a blast, and being my first time doing maternity portraits, I was pretty pleased with what we captured!  Here are a few of my faves of M!

Little Miss E should be making her appearance soon, so hopefully I’ll be able to share some newborn shots in the near future!

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Week 3 – P52

The theme in my Project 52 group last week was geometry.   I, being a slacker, waited until the last minute this time around.  Luckily, I found geometry in the dining room!

This is the wire on my hutch door.  Not super interesting, but it fit the bill and worked out well for someone down with a sinus infection!

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Trying out a ‘new’ location…

Which isn’t actually new at all, but an old spot that is new to me 😀  I figured some shots of the kids actually awake were in order, and I had an idea in my head that I wanted to try out.  I got fairly close to my vision, and found another spot I want to try out once everything greens up again!

Once the little one had had enough (which only took about 15 minutes!), I got a shot of super-awesome cool dude.  He wasnt’ really having it either, but I bribed him with ice cream, and it worked!

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Uhoh- I have an issue!

After the low-light challenge, I absolutely LOVED the shot of my son sleeping- all peaceful, and quiet, and those things you remember.  I caught a glimpse of the baby the other night after she whined her way into our bed, and she looked so much like her brother sleeping at that age.  And I have plenty of pics of our son sleeping as a toddler- in the oddest places!  He would fall asleep upside down on the couch, in his wagon, in the high chair… When the kid was out, he was super out.  In light of my moments of Mommy ‘awwwwwwwwww’, I snuck into the kids’ rooms again last night around midnight for some shots of peaceful kiddos!

(no idea where this kid’s pillowcases go- he takes them off as fast as I can put them on!)

I’m going to have to stop before I actually wake one up one night and ruin all that peace and quiet 😀

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Week 2 – P52

The optional theme in my P52 group for this week was ‘cold’.  Lots of photos of snow/ice, and general coldness, but I can’t get anything like that down here!   Though a winter storm with ice accumulations was predicted, it never showed here (but hey- my kid wasn’t complaining about a ‘wasted’ weather day off school!).  Although I’m glad the roads weren’t nasty, I was dissapointed about the lack of a photo op!

Instead, my Week 2 photo is all about my favorite food on a cold, dreary day- homeade chicken and dumplings!  I don’t profess to be a cook, and most who know me would agree.  But, I can make a mean pot of dumplings, and you’ll hurt my feelings if you argue (excluding the whole wheat flour experiment… that batch did taste sort of awful!). 

But, this batch?  This batch is tasty and good.  Comfort food at it’s very best, if I do say so myself!  (PS- check out those awesome blue countertops.  They came with the house and haven’t quite made it that high up the priority list yet- maybe this spring?)

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Testing the Limits

Prodded by a challenge on the Clickin Moms forum, I grabbed my camera late last night while the kiddos were in bed, and decided to push the limits of the ISO capabilities.  This was shot on HI 1.0 (ISO 6400) on my D300s.  It was very, very dark in my son’s room, so I was pleasantly surprised to be able to capture something usable at all.  Camera was handheld, though a tripod would have been nice- I just wasn’t dragging it out that time of night!  The only processing done to the original file was a white balance adjustment and noise correction, both using ACR.

Noise comparison before and after ACR adjustments:

Color image after adjustments:

Another edit on the color image (using My Four Hen’s ‘Hot Java’ action, then tweaked):

And just a shot to show the ambient light that was used:

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Took the baby to the park!

And realized, that she isn’t quite a baby anymore!  She had the best time playing and running around, all while trying to sneak and eat dirt and mulch 😛  I used a few My Four Hen’s actions tweaked to my liking on these for processing.

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