I’ve moved!

You can find new content at www.tarastallingsphotography.com 😀

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A trip to the local botanical gardens!

Myself, a friend, and her young daughter headed up to the local botanical gardens last week to try to get some new images for her family.  I had never been to the gardens before (sort of amazing considering how long we’ve lived here!), but will definitely be taking some more trips up there!

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All in the Details- Love that Shot Link Up

I came across this rose bud while out on a photo shoot last week (yes, this picture is a repeat for some of you, but posted here specifically for the link-up!)  Spring has definitely sprung in southern Alabama, and the freshly blooming flowers are just one little detail that stands out this time of year (including bees, wasps, the emergence of fire ants, and already nearly-90 degree weather!)

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This little beauty was hanging out at the botanical gardens at a photoshoot last week.  In 3 1/2 years, we’ve actually never made it up there, but we did last week.  I’m hoping to go back when more than just a few bushes worth of flowers are in bloom 😀

Yesterday, I came across this Flickr group, 1000 Cranes for Japan, so the oldest and I sat and folded this paper crane for a short photo shoot.  5 minutes after this was taken, the oldest decided to unfold and turn into a paper airplane, but it’s the thought right?!?

Speaking of the oldest, when the heck did he get sooooo grown up?  It’s so hard to believe he’s 9 already…

After a BBQ with friends yesterday (hello 80 degree spring weather!), he decided that he was old enough to watch a ‘horror’ movie.  Thank you Netflix for grouping the non-R rated ‘Jaws the Revenge’ into the horror category so that I could convince him that it WAS scary enough 😀

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Date Night!

So, hubby and I might be a little off, but for us, the rare date night meant a childless trip to the tattoo shop for new ink!  (Well, mine is new, his was getting finished).  Tattoos thanks to www.prodigalsontattoo.com !  I took some shots of our friend as he worked on finishing up hubby’s tat.

Edited to actually ADD a picture of my new ink!

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A family shoot!

This lovely family and I met for the first time last week!  I have ‘known’ Mom online for awhile, as our youngest ones are very close in age, and found out that they were going to be in the area!  I loved shooting this family, and they were a blast to be around.  I think the littles might enjoy each other’s company also, so we have got to get them together sometime.

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Welcome to the World, Miss E!

The sequel to the post below- Miss E has made her appearance!  I had the pleasure of photographing E at 7 days old (and playing with her in general- I forget how tiny newborns are!).  The little one wasn’t interested in looking at me, but was constantly searching for Mom, trying to figure out if the lady with the big camera should be of concern! 

E was my first newborn shoot, and I enjoyed it so much.  I hope to get to do many, many more shoots like this in the future!

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